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Get a feeling of what kind of music the band played. Two full songs are available as mp3 files. The songs are from the famous (at least in Sweden) album named "Keep My Dreams Alive". CD´s are available upon request for a small fee. Please see 'Contact' for address.


Band members

Have a look at Michaels collection. It used to be 16 guitars and 5 amps, but some has nowdays disappeared to other collectors like the french-american folk music expert Magnus Hertzberg and blues harp wizard Bengt TG Carlsson. Michael will try to buy them back some day...



A band that was highly appreciated by the audience and also their fellow musicians. In a search of the roots of rock, the members had abandoned their earlier odyssey into synthesizer based contemporary music. Among their influences were 80:s aussie rock, a well known irish band and the swedes "Wilmer X" and "Lolita Pop".

Why the name Marlowes? Well, it was the only name the crew could agree upon with short notice. They were all thinking of Philip Marlowe, the hard core detective created by Raymond Chandler and brought into life on the silver screen by Bogart and Mitchum. The gigs the band made were also called Music Investigation Tours.

The band was very active for a number of years in southern Sweden. But beware - the might be back some day... as they say: the older the bull, the stiffer the horn!

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