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Item 10:
The silverface -70:s Vibrolux Reverb. Poor mans Twin Reverb? Versatility when you need it. A fat tube sound with bottom and top. Fits any style.
Serial no. A830543
Item 11:
The tweed -63 (?) Bassman. How bluesy can you be? The frequency spectra is as narrow as Twiggys waist was back in the swingin' 60:s. If you're into blues or jazz this babe is guaranteed to give you goosebumps.
Serial no. 2187
Item 12:
The black -66 (?) Bassman. A richer sound than the tweed. Connect your Strat to a digital chorus and then one Bassman to each of its channels (L & R) and voilá - the stadium sound you need to back up Bryan Adams is ready to go!
Serial no. A10004
Item 13:
The Dallas snakeskin Champ. Strong enough for pub gigs. Practical for practice. Tubes.
Serial no. L089516
Item 14:
The old Shure mike. Never used due to enormous feedback. But looks nice.
Serial no. -
Item 15:
The floor box. Including TC Electronic dist, analog and digital choruses, a classic tube screamer dist, bypass box and a Nady wireless. A handy setup that you just open up and start rocking. But simple to use.
Item 16:
Weird Hipshot unit that allows three different pre-set tunings per string. Mounts on Tele. Far out! Imagine the things you could do...
Item 17:
What is this? The first ten correct answers recieved by mail gets an autographed CD! This is really an odd item... Clue: Psycadelica!

(Serial numbers are supplied for insurace reasons.)

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