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Once the Marlowes collection consisted of 16 guitars and 5 tube amps... a lot has been sold recently...


Item 19:
2007 I bought an Epiphone Joe Pass (Emperor).
Serial no. xxxxxx
Item 20:
2006 I bought a luth, built by Levin in Gothenburg
Seriel no. xxxxxx
Item 18:
2006 I bought a 2005 Martin D-35.
Serial no. 1047 821
Item 01:
The blonde US Standard Tele -83. This was the main axe for Jörgen. It has a typical twangy sound (ever hit an anvil with a sledgehammer?) and a toothpick feeling to the maple neck. It is dead stock with no alterations. A true classic. Used on recordings. Owned by Michael. The first thing he bought after graduating.
Serial no. S839117
Now, this is sold to Tommie of Skurk in Gothenburg.
Item 02:
The black US Vintage Reissue -62 "Dallas" Strat. This beauty is Michaels favourite thanks to its comfortable feel and great versatility in tone. The rosewood neck feels really fast, soft and smooth. Stock mikes but some graphite part are added. The tremolo is blocked with a piece of walnut wood to reduce the risk of strings breaking. Recorded and even lended to the Texas Country Band for a studio session. It was a gift(!) from Michaels brother Anders and bought in Dallas.
Serial no. V025841
Item 03:
The black 1561 -83 Balladeer. Frequently used by Jörgen. Just plug in any amp and play! Bought in San Diego. Recorded.
Serial no. 319 345
Item 04:
The "Party Guitar", Sigma DM5, used at rehersals and song writing. Bought from hard rock bassist Azze for approx 45 euros when he was in dire need of cash, as always.
Serial no. -

No picture

Item 05:
The red Silvertone (originally sold by mail order company Sears during the late 50:s) built by "Fatdog" in Berkley for Michael from leftovers found under his shop staircase. "Fatdog" at that time supplied giants like Lindley and Cooder with obscure tools of trade, Pawnshop Prizes, he called them, at almost no cost at all. But they were all rare and very cool. The tuners are modern german ones. Probably not recorded but used a lot. Nowdays copies are sold at local music stores, but this is a true original.
Serial no. -
Item 06:
The black Silvertone. Never played. The accompanying case with built in 110 volts amp is never even tried. Cool anyhow!
Seriel no. -
Item 07:
The blue mother-of-pearl Magnatone lap steel. Late 50:s? Never used on stage or recorded. Bought at "Fatdogs" shop. The true nuclear powerplant meltdown Lindley sound is present here!
Serial no. -
Item 08:
The black and gold Tele. Built from leftover pieces. Including two -57 Gibson reissue humbuckers and with a very smooth rosewood neck. This one really screams!
Serial no. ME0003

Item 09:
The beautiful cherry sunburst -72 (?) Tele Custom with a genuine 50:s mini Gibson mike and soft rosewood neck. This baby can be both twangy and mellow. And the HipShot string bender is a spicy option seldom seen. A true cowboy guitar. Rare and nice to play! Graphite trim. Hollow body!
Now sold to Rolle Nilsson.
Serial no. ME0001


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