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Jörgen Lindgren - vocals and guitars

Jörgen was the front man in "Sture me' läppen" - a very special band which made concerts turn out more like happenings! He also did small gigs as troubadour. Jörgen wrote most of the bands own songs on acoustic guitar and piano.
Michael Ed - guitars

A runaway from piano lessions. He had earlier played both synthesizers and guitars with Jörgen in "Sju man på en scooter". When Marlowes took a break, he was promptly recruited for the "Paul Melén Band", a job that lasted for a few years. He has also later guested "Back to the Future".
Stefan "Lunkan" Lundquist - bass

Lunkan just showed up from nowhere and did a remarkably good work with his bass, especially in the studio when suffering from a bad hangover. Nothing could stop the steady beat of his bass.
Mats "Masen" Johansson - percussion

Masen came from the successful "Europe"-like band "Scratch" and is a highly appreciated rock drummer. When Masen left for Chicago in -92 the band took a long vacation. But a reunion might be near - allt the guys are back in Sweden now...

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